Global customers

Ionetix is also focused on making our ION-12 SC available to international customers. It allows for on-site production of the fluorine-based radioisotope 18F for PET imaging – the gold standard for cancer diagnostics.

Do more with less

The Ionetix ION-12 SC cyclotron is the ideal solution for the production of this short-lived diagnostic (110-minute half-life) due to its price, size, weight, and operational simplicity.

Ionetix ION-12 SC GE PETtrace 800
Room Requirements 10' x 15' 16' x 21'
Weight 3 tons 22 tons
Staff Required 1-2 5

ION-12 SC 18F Production

Small but mighty

The ION-12 SC is installable at point-of-use, making it particularly ideal for emerging markets that have congested and/or limited infrastructure.

The accompanying table is an example of the ION-12 SC proposed production capability for 18F. With its innovative compact design, simple operational requirements, and accessible price point, the ION-12 SC is the solution for on-site 18F production.


We’re confident that our cardiac PET partnership 13N-ammonia program and/or 18F solution will help grow your practice or service line. We look forward to hearing from you.

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