IONETIX has rethought the model for N-13 Ammonia, making it affordable and attainable for practices of all sizes.

Through our N-13 Ammonia as a service solution, we build, operate and promote Cardiac PET imaging programs using N-13 Ammonia as a tracer. The result is a brand-differentiating Cardiac PET programs with ZERO capital outlay for health systems, hospitals, cardiology groups and radiology practices.

ZERO Capital Outlay

Through a unique service model incorporating our compact cyclotron, IONETIX eliminates the burdensome capital expenditure typically associated with launching a new service line.

IONETIX covers all capital costs associated with the cyclotron. This includes construction, installation, and even staffing required to manage and operate the cyclotron. You pay only for your doses of N-13 Ammonia.

Turnkey Solution

From the moment you say "yes" to N-13 Ammonia as a service, IONETIX steps in to handle the installation, launch, and management of your N-13 Ammonia dose supply. We bring our experience and expertise to every project to ensure it is installed and operated safely and meets with FDA approval. 

Our Turnkey solution includes:

  • Design and Management of the entire construction and approvals process, including real estate transaction if needed
  • Installation of a compact cyclotron near your PET-MPI lab
  • Daily on-site operation and management by experienced IONETIX employees
  • Ongoing clinical, marketing and reimbursement support as needed 

Compact Cyclotron

The backbone of the IONETIX N-13 Ammonia as a service solution is a superconducting compact cyclotron. 

Featuring a patent-protected design based on superconducting magnets, the ION-12SC compact cyclotron has a substantially smaller footprint than traditional cyclotrons making installation on or near medical campuses more attainable than ever before. 

The compact cyclotron ensures a consistent and reliable radiopharmaceutical at the point-of-care and provides you with complete control of patient testing schedules.

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